Opinion: Why I'm voting "3rd party"

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Opinion: Why I'm voting "3rd party"

Postby syndramise » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:10 pm

I cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton.

As a card-carrying Democrat for 26 years, I never thought I'd say that I refuse to support the Democratic party, but I do. I always knew there was cronyism, that PACs and corporations had more influence than they should, and that the party machine had more power than the people, but the blatant and unabashed disregard for voters and the heavily-rigged primary process leave me infuriated and sickened. I cannot support the betrayal of the people and democracy...ironic, really, being the "Democratic" party.

People have made to me the point that the next President will be responsible for multiple SCOTUS appointments, appointments that last for life. They point out that now is not the time to revolt against the establishment; there's too much at stake. It's a solid point. However, I have made my decision for three reasons: 1) There will always be some compelling reason to support establishment candidates, always something at stake. 2) Even having something as crucial and long-lasting as SCOTUS appointments at stake is no excuse, in my opinion, to support a party that has engaged brazenly in such egregious practices. 3) My state will go Republican regardless of my vote. The first two, in my opinion, provide sufficient reason to vote for one of the other parties--or a "third party" as it's often phrased--but I was still conflicted precisely because of the reasons people gave to justify voting Democrat even after the party's shenanigans. I was having difficulty making my decision and was actually glad for a change that there were still three months left in which to do so. It struck me today that because of the electoral college system, my vote for any candidate other than the establishment Republican candidate would likely "go to waste". My vote will not, however "go to waste" if I vote for a "third party" candidate. In that case, my vote is yet one more voice calling out for "third parties" to be considered equally in the system and for the establishment parties to stop treating voters like nothing more than toy sheep. There is, admittedly, a very slight chance that my state may not go red; in that case, I will reconsider my decision because I very much do not want Trump to win. However, in all likelihood, I will not be voting either Democrat or Republican, and I feel good about that.
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